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May 28 2019

The Book of Dragons by E. Nesbit Roy wants to read The Book of Dragons by E. Nesbit

April 18 2019

Collision by J.S. Breukelaar Roy wants to read Collision by J.S. Breukelaar
Miranda in Milan by Katharine Duckett Roy wants to read Miranda in Milan by Katharine Duckett
Tiamat's Wrath by James S.A. Corey Roy wants to read Tiamat's Wrath by James S.A. Corey
Spain by Caren Beilin Roy wants to read Spain by Caren Beilin
The Word Pretty by Elisa Gabbert Roy wants to read The Word Pretty by Elisa Gabbert
Liar by Rob Roberge Roy wants to read Liar by Rob Roberge
Ancestral Night by Elizabeth Bear Roy wants to read Ancestral Night by Elizabeth Bear

October 16 2018

Mediocre, La Cumbre is thy name. Ordered a Super Carnitas burrito and specified extra spicy four times. The burrito was large, wet and as bland as a Monday. Not even the slightest hint of any spice…

June 03 2018

MIki Matsubara - 真夜中のドア / Stay with me
真夜中のジョーク - 間宮貴子(Takako Mamiya)
Takeuchi Mariya - Plastic Love (Night Tempo 100% Pure Remastered)
Taeko Ohnuki - Summer Collection

May 18 2018

Happy! by Grant Morrison Roy wants to read Happy! by Grant Morrison

May 17 2018

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Margo Amp

Reposted byjknbardzo-bored
Leviathan Wakes by James S.A. Corey
"I got nobody to blame but myself for this….

I’ve had a long-standing policy that I will not read an unfinished sci-fi/fantasy series because I spent over a decade waiting for a certain master of horror to get off his ass and finish what he started. Plus, I have no urge to join the ranks of fans of other fantasy writers who seem to spend more time coming up with excuses and side projects rather than producing new books to finish their on-going series.

Ignorance isn’t a good defense, but it’s all I can claim. I picked this up on a whim after hearing it mentioned on the Incomparable podcast. I was a little leery when I saw it was almost 600 pages, but I didn’t bother looking into exactly what I had gotten myself into until I started the book That’s when I freaked the hell out:

“9 novels?!? 9 goddamn novels and they’re all this long? Holy shit! Only 5 have been released? It’s an unfinished series?? IT’S AN UNFINISHED SERIES! Oh, sweet jebus what have I done? And holy shit snacks they’ve been releasing off-shoot novels! ARGGHHH!! This is a nightmare…. OK, calm down. Let’s see, there’s actually two guys writing it under one pen name. Two guys can keep each other focused and moving forward. They’ve been releasing books like clockwork and have a schedule to bring it home. That’s good news. And these off-shoots are Kindle shorts so it looks like they’re really just true extras and not them filling their pockets while dawdling on the main series. Oh, and the Syfy network is doing a TV series based on it? That could be cool. Maybe this isn’t so bad after all. Wait, one of the authors also works as an assistant to….Uh oh. Well, maybe he’s learned what NOT to do when you’re working on a series…Or maybe I‘ll end up not liking it very much and can just stop here.”

No such luck. Damn it. I’m a sucker for the kind of sci-fi where even though they’re in space the characters have dirt under their nails and skinned knuckles rather than lounging around in pristine uniforms on ships that look like corporate cube farms. I’m also much more of a believer in the idea that if humanity does make it to other worlds that we’ll be dragging all our collective baggage out there with us rather than being explorers from a utopian society. Plus, I’m a big mystery fan and one of the main characters is a burned out space detective with a cynical outlook. And I also like (view spoiler)[zombie stories. So when it’s alien vomit zombies? (hide spoiler)] Oh, yeah. I’m in.

I particularly liked the push/pull between the two main characters. Holden is an idealist who thinks that people will make good collective choices as long as they’re told the truth, and that contrasts well with Miller’s bleak outlook that people are stupid sheep. Put those two guys in a society built out among our solar system’s asteroid belt that is about to go to war with Earth and Mars as they try to unravel the conspiracy behind it, and you’ve got yourself a pretty damn compelling sci-fi story.

I still kinda feel like a rube though….

Update 2/7/17 - You can tell from the original review I posted that I had a lot of misgivings about starting an unfinished series back when I first read this. A few years later after re-reading it I'm happy to report that it all worked out for the best. The authors have stuck to their schedule and delivered a book a year since they started, and the entires series has become one of my favorite sci-fi things ever. I also got a bonus in a pretty damn good TV series based on the show since then which just started it's second season. So this gamble has paid off pretty well so far. "
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